Murray's Video Media

Murray's Host REEL Pawn Stars 'Blackstone Birdcage Vanish'

Murray on Wizard Wars

Access Hollywood 2014

murray's Personality reel

What Not To Wear - TLC

Murray Magic Expert
Pawn Stars - Keplinger Hold Out Card Device

murray magic expert
Pawn stars - saw in half

America's got talent 'sizzle'

Murray Magic Expert
Pawn Stars - Houdini Handcuffs

Murray Magic Expert
Pawn Stars - Houdini Straight Jacket

Celebracadabra - Lamborghini

Comedy Central's Reno 911



Murray's Print Media

What's On magazine, 2014, with Murray, Chloe, and Lefty.
"Magician Murray Sawchuck Pulls Charisma, Celebrity and Escape Out of The Hat!"

Murray on the cover of What's On magazine 2013.

"Murray hosts History Channel's 'Pawn Stars at the Hard Rock Hotel'

Tradeshow Lifestyles Magazine

"Murray heads towards STARDOM!"

Click for large view Vancover 24hrs CA
24 seconds with Murray Sawchuck August 21, 2008
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Up The Down Escalator from Magic May 2008
"Murray was so well choreographed!  His broad range of talent assures us that this celebrity will be entertaining us for many years to come!"
"Murray has style, character, and his material stands out! and will succeed in anything he does because he does it all to the extreme."
"Murray is a stand-out kinda guy, one look at his spiked blonde hair, and gleam in his eye, tells you he's a bit different."
"Murray has become a member of the elite cadre of entertainers - successful entertainers who perform on the stages of Las Vegas!
"Murray is the Denise the Menice of Comedy and Magic!"
"Murray has garnered 24 awards for his work worldwide - more than any other magician"
"One of the youngest headliners on the Las Vegas strip!"
"From Magician to Personality!"
"It's quite possible he won't be returning our phone calls in a couple of years!"
"His Career has taken him around the world!"
"I am always looking for the next success!"
"Murray SawChuck 'World Famous Comedy Magician"