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So you want to have more fun on your first date…  You heard me and Svetlana ‘Beverly Hills Matchmaker to the Rich & Famous’ talking on CBS 97.1FM Los Angeles Talk FREE FM about how to spice up your first date or make it more creative!  As a comedian and magician just having this career makes conversations more interesting on the first date but if you don’t have one of these careers here are some ideas to break the ice and be CREATIVE!

Compatibility Test

Do a fun compatibility test on your date… this goes for women or men…  Tell your date that you heard about this compatibility test on Svetlana’s 97.1FM Talk Show to see if the two of you are compatible.

Name of Trick: Force of Nature
Goal: To see if you are both compatible

Use three items coins, lighter, candy, lipstick, car keys, etc.  You put the three items on the table for your date to look at.  You tell your date that you think you know her vibe and what she would choose and you’ll prove that at the end of this TEST.  You have both your hands on the table they look at the items and choose one of them.  You ask them is that your final choice? YES! You then tell them I knew that you would choose the candy as that’s exactly what I had closed in my hand and you open your closed fist to REVEAL the exact same candy making you both compatible and thinking in the same direction!

This trick is easy to do and fun!  Click this link and Murray will show you exactly how to do this trick. Click Here

Paper Rose

Tell your date that you heard about this really neat thing you learned to do with a paper napkin on Svetlana’s 97.1FM Talk Show that is GREAT for the environment turning one thing into another!

Name of Trick:  Paper Napkin Rose
Goal: To create a souvenir for your date

This is a fun light-hearted souvenir of the evening you can share with your date so they can remember YOU and their great time!  When you are dining and waiting in between your dinner courses or having a drink after dinner at a nice lounge this is a great simple and sweet gesture.  You pick up the napkin your drink is on or one from the bar and fold it into a long stem paper rose!

This trick is easy to do and makes the date interactive as well as leaving your date a sweet souvenir.  Grab a napkin and click this link to learn how to make your paper rose! Click Here

You can Kiss Me!

So if your date is going really well! Tell your date you heard this really cool game that if you get it right you can have me doing anything you want me too… Kiss you, Buy Another Drink, or Go For a Walk on the Beach! (You hope for the KISS!)

But the funny thing is, the chance of the person figuring this ‘puzzle’ out is not that easy… so the chance of you getting the KISS might not happen… which makes it even more fun and that you are playing a little hard to get… where at the end of the night you will probably get your KISS!

Name of Trick:  Kiss Me if You Can!
Goal: To get a KISS !

The ‘puzzle’ is made up of 5 small sticks, you can use match sticks, toothpicks or cotton swabs.  You make a diamond shaped puzzle and have the person ‘Take away 3 sticks and ONLY bring back 2’ and have the same SIZE, SHAPE, and DEMENSION.  Also tell the person that this isn’t the easiest puzzle and most people don’t get it, so they don’t feel silly for not getting it as you don’t want the date to go south cause of a little ‘puzzle’…  But if they get it right they get to have a KISS, ANOTHER DRINK, or a WALK ON THE BEACH (you can make whatever you want up, these are just suggestions but be CREATIVE).

Ok click this link and learn how you can become more kissable playing a game! Click Here